God Can Use You

In just a few days “The Chains That Love Broke” will be released. I have been asking myself how I truly feel about that. First and foremost I’m truly excited – I actually feel quite blessed to be here. The funny thing is I have learned an incredible amount through the process.

Within I share a little about myself – my struggles and my triumphs. I’m sharing my heart – open and revealed. You know that is kind of scary – letting people see your inward world. Even with that I’m sure it is just the thing someone needs to hear. We all have something to share – something that can help someone who is facing what you faced. We all can finds things that we can relate to.

We really do need each other to survive. Wow I sure wouldn’t be the one to stand here and tell you I did all this single handily. No, my friend it took some breaks, some detours and new perspectives to get me here. It wasn’t all smiles either – hey I even had moments where the pages stared at me wondering when I was going to put some ink on it. God used some people to get my attention and boy oh boy did that work. I had many moments of “God I hear you.”

I’m looking forward to the best that is yet to come. The anticipation is unreal. I’m heading into uncharted Territory. I know God is with me. Have you ever done something that really stretched you – made you want to see what you’re made of? This is one of them for me.
I truly believe God can use anybody – there is no one that isn’t usable by God. I always say “God use me” even when I don’t know what that entails.

You know God can use you too – yes you!

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