I Believe I Can Fly


Do you believe that you can fly? Actually do you believe that you can soar? I know your probably scratching your head wondering about what I’m talking about. No, I reckon you don’t have wings on your back. Gravity would bring you back down to lower ground if you leaped from a high place to see if you could stay in air. No – I really wouldn’t want you to try that. Please leave the stunts for stunt men. Yes, you really can fly. You can rise above the mediocrity of life. You can learn to do things that were once foreign to you. Most of our hindrances would you believe starts within our mind? We have been trained to think and behave a certain way. Remember being given a picture that was already drawn for you?  Your only job was to color within the lines. Learning to live within limits was taught very young.

Why do we limit ourselves when we serve a limitless God? The Bible tells us that through him – all things are possible. Maybe this is worth repeating ” All things.” What would it take for us to grasp this truth? Perhaps we need to view our God as more than enough. The supplier of our needs. This basic truth tells us who the guider and director of our life is. He being all knowing – has infinite power and intelligence.  The good news is you have access to it.

If you could soar where would you go? How does it look? Remove what you see and replace it with what you desire, but have yet to see. Change all of your I can’ts, if only, it’s not possible and replace with I can, I will, it’s possible. Retrain thinking patterns that hinder you – for more powerful propellant ones. Fuel yourself with things that will give you lift. Make your mind obey and stay in step with the truth of God.
Step out upon the ledge – I see your wings spreading that will take you places you have yet to see.

Sunday’s Declaration: I am made to soar and rise above. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. My thoughts are powerful – my walk is powerful.  Greatness resides within me. My wings are are ready!

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