Scripture Point Thursday


The Lord will fight for you; you must be quiet. Exodus 14:14

In a constant moving world – things continually shifting – progressing we often can’t see the calm for all the noise. In the quiet moments – reverance for the presence of the almighty is where we understand the hand at work doing the shifting.

Take a trip with me. Are you up for that? Step onto the boat. We need to cross over to the other side of the sea. As we are going – a storm overtake us. It’s startling – I see you looking – wondering how will this end. The waves breaking against the boat – surely it would overtake us. Jesus napping on a cushion. Doesn’t he feel this? How is he sleeping? Let’s wake him your saying. “Teacher! Don’t you care what is happening to us?” To all our amazement he spoke “Silence! Be still”! The storm was quieted and peace reigned in the stillness.

Are you being called to peace – to experience the inner sanctuary of quiet calmness. That place is key – grasp and take hold of it. Even when life is busy – pulled from every direction – God wants you to rest in him. He is providing – guiding and shifting things for you. Wherever you are – you are not alone. He is there – sometimes quiet! Discern his voice and hand in silence. Could the answers to your storm, your dreams, decisions be in the shhhh!  Everything is often called into obedience to just be still. He is God!

Be Blessed!

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