Be Silly!


So ultimately I sat here looking at the computer – it looking at me. I wanted to create another post, but my brain was on pause! I didn’t have anything. So I’m going to share what I was doing when there was nothing spilling out onto the keyboards. You ever have those moments of pure silliness? Inside your chuckling because I’m sure somebody is looking – wondering – what is she doing? I didn’t care – I was going to be silly!

Then it clicked. Have you laughed today – smiled for nothing at all. Go ahead do it – I know you want to. WIN_20140808_115722

I heard in the deep recesses of my heart – don’t be so serious! Let loose – get goofy! That my friends I did. The ability to stay fun – even for short moments – it does a body good. Creativity is born when you just be free – no formulas – precise directions. Just free! To birth creativity you have to connect with the inner kid – not the rigid adult. How fun could the workplace become if we learned this simple trick. How about if you have a project that you’re totally stuck on. Have you ever thought to walk away from it and return when you have refreshed. Give yourself 15 min of silly – when you return you will be able to better focus. It’s fun – relaxing – be free!

I hope I taught you one thing – if nothing else today. Be free! Have fun – be silly. It is the tool to creativity.

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