Creative Imagery


Who likes fiction? What about christian fiction? My imagination has been unleashed like a lion just let out of it’s cage. He’s roaring louder now – can you hear him? I’ve begun my first fiction novel. Im in deep – so excited to see the characters unfold. I am playing with colorful word imagery – creating their persona one click at a time – only backspacing to add a little detail – a little cinamon and spice. The funny thing is I haven’t thought of the title yet – waiting for the characters to eventually speak through their personalities. God is about to show up in Tamara’s life – first she has to do some decluttering. I’m not going to give up too much to soon. Hold tight to your ropes the excerpt is coming soon. Find yourself in the different characters and see how God can transform a life.

In the meantime stop and pick up ” The Chains That Love broke” on amazon

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