It’s Just A Test


Sitting in class about three rows back ready to take my spelling test – I believe it was fifth or six grade.  I was always known to do well – test scores usually best of class. Something about this day was different. I didnt study as much as I should have. In the pit of my stomach was an aching – I didnt want to do bad. We had a few moments to review – there I was wondering, contemplating how was I going to insure a passing grade. Good and evil battling in my mind – “take what you get kiddo.” My savvy left bellowing “go ahead cheat!” I had never cheated before and getting good grades was imporatant – so in that moment of desperation – the worse won. I took the few words I was struggling to remember and wrote them in the palm of my hand. My heart racing inside my chest, fully aware of the wrong I was doing. Just in case I got stuck – my lifeboat was in my hand.

Well I did use it – we graded papers immediately and my score read 100%. It was the only 100 in the class. I had one thing working against me – another kid saw what I did. It didnt end well – my teacher was hugely disappointed. Mr Carpenter – funny thing I remember his name – he had the look of fury upon his face. I remembered because I had to walk the aisle of shame to his office that sat in the far left to recieve my paddling. A torturous grab of the back of my pants – his arm stretched way back – brought forward to my tail with a crashing mind altering landing. That tear that broke from my eyes burned my face – the smart kid had been naughty. He gave me a minute to gather myself before going back to class. If my skin were light – Im sure the blood that flowed to my face would have showed a starkling red. With all eyes glaring at me – I inched backed to my desk to put my head down in shame. I didnt participate for the rest of the day. I had did just what I feared – failed the test.

Life is full of test – we all want to pass. Often we wish for a shortcut – wanting the answers without going through the pain of the lesson. Yet these test are paramount to our living – growing and thriving. God doesn’t celebrate in our failures. When we learn the lesson he is trying to teach us – he rejoices. There is no greater feeling than passing a test with flying colors. It reminds me of Moses being assigned the job of bringing the Israelite’s out of Eypgt. He tried everything he could to cheat his way out. Exclaiming he had a speech impediment – to asking for someone else to go in his place. That test was for Moses and him alone. It was a test God had equipped him for – he was born for this occasion.

Just like Moses God has placed a test before us – he knows that we are built to win with flying colors. He also know that they all won’t be easy. We may complain through them – even look for a cheat sheet. He knows that they will be the faith building blocks we need for a victorious life.

Be assured and understand that the trial and proving of your faith bring out endurance and steadfastness and patience. James 1: 3.

Remember that moving toward destiny will come with some test. The good news is that you got this – look at Moses.  God knows what it takes to get you where you are going. He has all the answers – it’s not cheating – he is your guide. Whatever your test is today – dig in with fullness of power and do God proud. Don’t worry about a stumble along the way – keep going and endure. God is for you and not against. He is near you for the long haul – he won’t make it easy, but he will make it worth it.

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