A Great Life


While driving home from work today, music playing in the background, head moving to the rhythm of the beat. A question entered my mind. What constitutes a great life? I’ve heard this question answered many different ways. Some would say having more money. Some may say living in a big house. I’m betting some would even say having a job that they enjoy going to everyday. I’m sure there are many ways to look at this question and many ways to answer it.

A great life is more than how much money we have, where we live or any monetary value associated with acquiring more things. These things surely can make a difference in your living standard, but I’m not just talking about disposal value – I’m talking the things that are great in our lives that are priceless. A great life constitutes being able to make the best of everything – seeing the best of everything. Appreciating and respecting and holding close the people in our lives. Loving others and doing things that bring about joy. It means seeing and grasping the opportunities that lie ahead of us with a winning attitude. A great life is giving our best and reaching our greatest everyday. It’s allowing our life lessons to be building blocks to a stronger foundation and not a hindrance.

Maybe living a GREAT life has a different meaning to you and that’s alright. The beginning of a great life begins with our faith in the lord and savior – embracing all the greatness he has prepared before us. it’s training ourselves to see how he truly has done great things. The richness in our lives stems little from what we have in our pocket but what we hold in our hearts.

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