A pregnant mother waits the arriving of the baby inside her with a fervent expectancy. Her growing belly reminds her that what she is waiting for is coming. She prepares by buying what she will need to welcome that beautiful baby. She talks to the baby – maybe even sing to it – or massages her belly. She knows the bundle of joy is coming – excitement continually rises – she may even begin to experience pressure from the mounting weight. She even feels off balance, uncomfortable and with each passing day she probably is wishing to give birth already.

Oh and just imagine that birthing experience – why didn’t anybody tell her that labor would be hard and painful? The hours pushing, panting awaiting the one thing she has been expecting – the baby.

What are you expecting – are you preparing for it. Do you find yourself excited, overjoyed? Wake up everyday with an expectancy that you know something great is ahead of you. Your dreams has a birthing process – yes sometimes a bit uncomfortable and even painful. The process is just part of the story – what is growing inside you takes time. Will you see your baby through – will you continue to prepare knowing that birth is evident? You will see the fruit of your labor – you will see your dream birthed if you endure the process.

When you are tired – expect. When days are long – expect. When time says not yet – expect. Get excited – keep going because eventually all that is ahead of you will be in front of you. Go get it Wednesday. #GM

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