Stay In The Game

Sitting in the bleachers watching the boys play basketball while my daughter cheers. The opposing team is beating us terribly 32:16 and it is only the first half. Honestly I may be a little bias both teams are pretty good. The opposing team has the advantage – the boys are taller. Even with the uncomfortableness of the hard bleachers – I’m enjoying it. But why are they losing so badly – maybe we should just wrap it up and leave. no! We could just stay in the game and finish. It isn’t always about the win, but preserving to the end to see what the end will be.

I’m not truly a sports fan, but for some reason when our team makes a three pointer – the excitement rises within me. We have to keep our head in the game even when we are talking about non sports related things. I’m sure even if our team finishes last – they still finished. They gave their all – persevered to the end. They will win in spirit – every game they conquer only stands to build their endurance – increase their courage to face any opponent.

Stay in your game – stay encouraged. God is cheering you on. Don’t look at where you are and what the opponent has – focus – your growing and strength builds with every push. There aren’t any losers when God is with you. Discover what you have inside – that’s a true winner. As I’ve typed this we’ve caught up a bit.

Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong.” (1 Corinthians 16:13)


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