All Aboard

Untitled designAll aboard! All Aboard – you hear the words so crispy clear. The flight attendant is urging you to climb on – not much time to wait. How did you end up here at the gate with nothing packed? You plead please,” I must go take some things to carry on, All I need is a moment.” To your disappointment she says, ” I’m sorry but there isn’t room -you must board as you are with what you have.”

You are left with a decision. You want to go where you’re going, but you think – just one carry-on will be absolutely necessary. No time to pack – the destination promising – you board without the essentials you think you need.

There are times you have to just climb aboard. Don’t think – rehearse – figure out what is packed – what isn’t packed. These are the GO moments of life that we must all take to get to the other side of ourselves. Relinquishing our plans for the divine plan of God. Swapping our luggage for the exchange of his luggage. Just maybe the luggage you are trying to carry isn’t properly packed – it’s overstuffed. Are you willing to board with just his promise and his plan – or will you give more value to your luggage?  Does your luggage take the place of God? There is greater value in the luggage he has for you. Sometimes you just have to climb aboard and find out for yourself.

There is beauty in the climb aboard. You’re agreeing to partnering with God to reach the promise land. Recall that Israel wasn’t completely convinced that where they were going was better than what they left – boarding was an unfamiliar place for them. They wanted their luggage. God is ready to part the red sea, but you have to be willing to walk – to climb up from where you are. To fly high and not low. To take the leap of faith that surely will take you to places where remembrance of the luggage you once held becomes a distant memory. All aboard! All aboard – can you hear the call.

 All this also comes from the Lord Almighty,
whose plan is wonderful,
whose wisdom is magnificent.
Isaiah 28:29

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