The night before Thanksgiving, preparing to work the night shift, contemplating when even to begin cooking. Nothing like the sweet aroma of pies cooking and all types of delicious delicacies. Turkey, yams, stuffing all sound pleasing to my ears and even cause a little salivating to occur within my mouth. It will be the first Thanksgiving holiday residing in my new state of residence, and I had every intention to go home. When work calls, we just have to answer the call. As I think about it, holidays are when I most often wished I lived closer to my family. Still, I am excited. Excited to make new memories in which to share with my children. I am grateful! I choose gratefulness because it is something I try to live by every single day and not just one day out of the year. I’m thankful even to have this day or any day for that matter.

I think about the ones who may have experienced loss or ones who may not have any close relatives nearby in which to share this time. Holiday’s are not considered a joyous occasion for everybody, and somehow that fact always humbles me to not for one-second take for granted anything that I do have. It is my prayer that everyone feels a little love this day and every day. That means we must stretch ourselves a little more to show people that they matter and someone cares. Take some time out of your celebration and reach out to somebody, maybe that older adult who lives alone, that neighbor that has lost a loved one, etc. The possibilities are endless. Show you care!

No matter where I am spending my holiday I appreciate the life that God gives. I am grateful for all God continues to bestow upon my life, his mercy, his love his gift. I am also thankful for the food that will cover my table for the 3 of us. I even thank God for you. To the person that is reading this. Your life matters and you are important. If you find this time of year trying, I send you good vibes and well wishes for a blessed day. May something beautifully unexpected comes your way. May joy rise within you not just for this holiday but for every single day.

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