24993152_756241654575984_978992581898088566_nNo matter where you are today, remember you are in the process of  becoming. You are becoming better. You are becoming stronger and you’re becoming wiser. Remember it hardly matters where you start – but how you finish. Open up yourself today to allow change – to allow who you are in God to actualize in your life. It’s not too late – you are just beginning. To often we stay stuck in old ways of living and being and it’s time to say to yourself no more – I’m becoming. You are worth the best and you must not stop until it is acquired.

I am becoming today the best me I can be. Today I am embracing who I am and what I am called to do. Today I remove limits and all restrictions to living my best life. Today I rise above fear and walk in the love of my God and grab hold of the power He has released into the atmosphere. My mind is being renewed and transformed daily. I am becoming. I am empowered

Life hinges upon learning and growing – you will be developed along life’s path. Don’t reject opportunity for growth – stay flexible. Learn what needs to be learned – it will only help to polish you. You are becoming!

Remember today You are becoming and because you are becoming you can enjoy the process. You can learn to view life and the challenges of life as the vehicle to your becoming. Great things take time – nothing great just happens – it becomes.


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