As I woke this morning I understood the importance of being intentional. Understanding that I do not have to allow my day to just happen but that I can set the stage for my day that would allow me to be productive, diligent and purposeful. As a creative active participant is this thing called life I must call things unto me that I want to live, obtain and thrive within. First I must become rooted in my foundation of faith that calls forward life, hope, love and peace. Life, hope, love and peace must become the very nature of everything I do, say, believe and grasp today and in the future.

God had made a promise to Moses just as God has made a promise to you. In the book of Joshua we see God making a promise to Joshua that was made to Moses. He told him that I will give you every place your foot tread – Joshua 1:3. Where has God sent you that your called to express dominion over? Where has God placed your feet? As I reflected upon this I began to understand and grasp the fullness of God’s word. I’m reminded that I am created to access and have dominion over every portion of my life. I am called out of the bounds of mediocrity and flat existence into power and greatness of my Lord and savior. That to reside in anything less is to minimize the image of God in which I was created.

Therefore intentional in thought, deed and vision I must be. I have seen a lot and been a lot of places but I also have seen the mighty hand of God move, direct and guide. I have full awareness of where I have been but I have a wonderful picture of where I am going. What God created – he saw that it was good. It is good even in times of great affliction because I found God when I lost sight of me. See everything that I desire outside of me must become revealed in me. I am love and I am whole. I am blessed and I am highly favored. I am tenacious and strong. I am compassionate and full of life. I am healthy and I am free. I am worthy and I am humble. I am beautiful and I am His. I am because He is first. Intentional!

Today your feet will tread a many places – you have dominion. YOU HAVE DOMINION! Stay intentional and do not waiver. Your winning season is here!


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