The Journey

Human step on frosted ground
Human step on frosted ground

This journey called life is not for the faint at heart. This journey is not for those who would refuse to step up to the plate understanding it is better to aim than to not take one at all. Yes, this journey may come with unpaved roads, potholes, and narrow paths. However, what you will learn through it are the life lessons that will take you higher. We all should have an innate desire to go higher – refusing to settle in the familiar planes of life.

Life is an adventure – those who dare to plow through rough terrain wins. Be not afraid to learn just what you are made of – be not afraid to shed the cloth of who you thought you were to be who God created you to be. Truth is you, and I only get one try at this. There are no do-overs – so if you are going to walk this journey – Learn what it means to soar – to challenge the ceiling. The truth is the only ceiling that indeed exists is the one in your mind.

Enjoy the adventure – find out what sets your heart on fire and go there – be that! Pack light!

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