Send Me Lord





Today send me out. Send me to be the reflection of who you are to your people. Let me be your living, breathing and walking church. To love the unlovable, to encourage the downtrodden, to friend the friendless. Lord, send me out. I understand Lord; this walk comes with so much more than meets the eye. I realize I may have to go where others are afraid to – to be bold where others retreat in fear. Lord, I’ll use what you have given me. Like David, I’ll defeat the giants before me. Like Moses, I’ll go where you send me – even with a stutter. Like Paul and Silas – I’ll praise my way through the most restricted tight spaces. Lord, send me! Lord, send me! Send me to walk on water. Send me to speak calmness to the wind and rain. You’ve trained me for a time such as this – to stand in dominion and power over every tactic of the enemy. Lord, send me to be a bright light in this world. Lord, send me to speak healing in broken places. Send me!! I will go where you lead me!

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