I Believe

Someone recently asked me how I am able to remain confident and less anxious in difficult situations. My response was I simply believe. I believe in a power and force greater than myself. When I gave my life to Christ it wasn’t so I wouldn’t go through difficult times. It wasn’t even to get everything I wanted or the way I wanted. I surrendered my life because I knew my life needed a savior. I believe that what God has for me can’t be shaken, taken or destroyed. I believe that a test comes to teach you and grow you in areas that are in need of development. Every day of my life I have to surrender to God. I have to remind myself that my life is not my own. My favorite time of the day is morning because I’m reminded that the sun does come up – that there is a newness that comes with each day. It’s a refreshing perspective for me. I often asked God why I’ve had to experience some of the things I have. Whatever test God allows you to attend in life provides you the insight nobody else may have to assist others. I believe nothing is by mistake and its all by design.

My ability to believe beyond is my superpower. Hope is everything to me. So I clutch it like an expensive designer bag. I keep it close. Hope is the force that pulls you to your greater good. Without it people quit. You must rejoice in hope and show patience in tribulation and remain steadfast in prayer. Romans 12:12. I believe is my life’s declaration. I’ll keep giving God my all because He gave me his everything.

Today I encourage you to greet this day with an relentless expectation of greater to come. Embrace seasons and keep looking up from which your help comes. Nobody can live your life – your story like you. We were all created in the image of God and we were all created unique. Be blessed and believe and clutch to your hope.

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