Set The Tone

Everyday you get the opportunity to set the tone of your day - positive or negative - you choose. The key to every new day its the refusal to reload yesterday on today's canvas.

Keep My Light Burning

Today let your light burn brigther than ever. May it illuminate the space in which you dwell. May those that bask in your light find encouragement, peace and hope. Let others see God through you - So let your light so shine.

21 Day Fast

Over the next 21 days I will be fasting and in prayer for you - this ministry page. God is going the do a new thing in your life. It won't be business as usual - it is time to speak those things that are not as though they are. When we get into agreement …

Yes You Can

We all have heard these words - on numerous occasions. All things are possible through God that strengthens you - said to a child who says I can't when it comes to math. Tears streaming down her cheek - frustration carved across her face. Thoughts of playtime slowly disappearing - out of reach. I buckled …